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"The Bear"

Last Wednesday, November 25th, Cidenai students went to Clube Thyrsense to watch a group of talented actors perform Anton Tchekov’s masterpiece “The Bear”. It’s a funny and moving story about love, loss and the awakening for romance after a tragic death. Throughout the play, we could also hear the homage paid to Luís de Camões, our greatest poet, whose sonnets about love complimented Tchekov’s words brilliantly. It was brilliantly executed by the Grupo de Teatro Amador de Santo Tirso, who is also rehearsing other Tchekov’s plays in a cicle dedicated to the Russian playwright. With the intimate setting of our art nouveau club as the perfect plateau for a 19th century story, our students had the opportunity of speaking to the cast at the end of the play and of learning a little more about the secrets of the trade, and were also invited to take part in an open-training session for wannabe actors.
It was a great afternoon for us all, and we were all inspired to take up acting!

Twist - Your Energy Makes a Difference!

Twist – Your energy makes a difference. This is the catch-phrase of the new and exciting project in which Cidenai students will take part. It’s a partnership between EDP, ERSE and SDC with the institutional help of our Ministry of Education and UNESCO and the goal is to make young people aware not only of the impact that their actions have on the planet, but also of the small changes they can make everyday to lessen this impact. It will involve an energy-driven-questionnaire to the whole school, the organization of a conference about power efficiency, an audit to the school’s power consumption and a final report with the data gathered from all these activities.
The first step towards winning the first prize was taken this Friday, November 20th, when four students from the Secretariate B course (Ana Rita Ferreira, Cristiana Barros, Ana Rebelo and Patrícia Machado) travelled to Porto, to participate in the Regional Workshop, with hundreds of other students from the northern region of our country.
It was a very interesting morning, and on the way back, everyone was full of great ideas.
Let’s make a difference and change our school!


Welcome Back!

On September 11th, at 14.30, We had our Annual Opening Ceremony, in which we showed our new students what we can do and what is expecting them for the next three years. We also said goodbye to your seniors, wishing the best for their future. Throughout the ceremony, that had the participation of a representative from DREN, Dra. Paula Cunha, from the City Hall, Dra. Júlia Godinho, a representative from our board, Dra. Celina Silva, our Head Mistress, Albertina Pimenta and Nuno Barbosa, organizer of our European Club, students could see images of activities that take place over throughout the year and that always cause great anticipation, such as our end-of-year trip and the coveted Leonardo traineeships. Students that participated last year were also awarded the Mobility Europass, a proof of personal and professional achievement.
After the musical moment, in which Teacher Nelson and Teacher Fernando performed Mozart Duets for Clarinet, wowing the audience, it was time for graduation: one by one, our classes of 2009 took centre stage to receive a fair prize of three years hard work. Finally, our Vale Dictoria, Patrícia Freitas, got a cheque for 500€, the icing on the cake after all her work.
After all the speeches, it was time to take a deep breath and start a new year, looking forward to all the experiences that this school can provide. Have a great one, everyone!

The year in review

This was a quieter year for English@Cidenai. There were no major movie productions or big trips to foreign countries. And if last year our subject was focused on the Environment and Health, this year the focus was on Society, the World around us and Consumerism.
The year was off to a great start when our year 12 classes travelled to Braga, to celebrate the European Day of Languages: our students tried Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish and Greek. It was a great day and on the bus ride home all we could ear was wunderbar, konichiwa, among all the other new words that we learned. It was a meeting of sounds and cultures that everyone will surely benefit from. Then, in December, with Christmas approaching was time to think of those less fortunate than us. Solidarity and love were in everyone’s hearts when we paid a visit to ASAS, to try and help to make the ASAS’ kids happier during the holidays. Our Management Class embodied Santa and gave the kids presents and holiday greetings. It was good for everyone, we now all appreciate what we have much more!
With the new year around the corner, and after the sounds of music from our Christmas Party (Mariah eat your heart out!), it was time for our yearly exhibition of Advertising: this time for vintage products with a modern twist. It was another great success. It was almost time for Valentine’s, and this time Cupid was played by our Computer Technicians… not so tough after all, distributing poems and cards by all the lovers or lovers-to-be in our school. Love was totally in the air so when March came Poetry came naturally with it. After paying a visit to the performances at the Old Jailhouse, our year 11 students were inspired to write beautiful love poems. And who could forget the Environmental Awareness week with Commerce’s pamphlets? We should always care about our Planet!
We ended the year like we started it, around the world. Our Municipality Celebrations included an ethnographic parade and Cidenai was of course represented by what is our Trademark: Culture and Travel. Our float was a mix of nationalities and cultures, all surrounding the icing on the cake, our beautiful globe. It was the living proof that we always save the best for last!
To read everything about our activities in detail, please visit English-at-cidenai.blogspot.com. There you will find poems, reviews… and an open invitation to participate! See you next year, everyone!!

Cidenai around the World

Last Sunday, July 12th, It was Parade Day in Santo Tirso and of course, Cidenai and the Institute were there. With our students and some teachers we showed to city our creativity and pzaz with our revolving globe and starred float. It was a great day and we all had loads of fun!